PACC – Breakbulk Liner Service

The PACC Breakbulk liner service was launched in 1999 and provides bi-monthly sailings from South East to the U.S.A. and a monthly sailing from Far East Asia to the U.S. Gulf. The fleet consists of 13 x 27,000DWT modern built Multi-purpose sister vessels.

These ships feature box shaped holds with removable triple decks. The cargo hold ventilation can provide more than 20 air changes per hour, and each cargo hold can be converted to a single, double or triple deck to match specific stowage requirements. The lifting capacity is 90mt SWL lifted by two geminized cranes. A maximum lifting capacity of 120mt can be achieved by using an equalizer bar.

Breakbulk – Project – General Cargo Liner Service

Lonnie W Oaks - President
Cell: 504-491-1641
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Vessel Schedule:

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Vessel Descriptions:

M/V Pac Athena PDF File

M/V Pac Antares PDF File

M/V Pac Altair PDF File

M/V Pac Acrux PDF File

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M/V Pac Alnath PDF File

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