Port Agency

Newship, Inc. provides a professional and reliable port agency service with 24h availability.

With our experienced and dedicated staff working in the various fields of the shipping industry we become the choice as steamship agent for cargo charters and vessel owners in the US Gulf.

As agent appointed by our cargo interest principals, we know firsthand the importance and the value of providing timely information, executing precise coordination and round-the-clock reporting to our customers.

As an owners agent we have the knowledge and experience to protect the interest of our owners and their vessels at all times. Our service includes the planning and coordination of load/discharge operations for all kind of dry cargoes, including projects, h/l, steels, grain and other commodities.

Agency services we provide :

  • Full vessel husbandry service
  • Bunker coordination
  • Cargo / Vessel survey
  • Federal grain and National Cargo Bureau Inspections
  • Crew Changes

  • AMS Service for Imports
  • Cargo Im/Export declaration/documentation
  • Cargo clearing and forwarding

  • Port Captaincy
  • Coordination of load / discharge operations for all dry cargoes, including steel, projects, grain.