We provide experienced mariners and engineers in the Gulf of Mexico region to conduct all types of marine surveys, including investigating and reporting on all aspects of marine incidents. We can represent P&I, Hull & Machinery, Loss of Hire, Liability and owners, operators, charterers and other interested parties and provide immediate assistance to the vessel as required. We will update our clients so that they can take immediate appropriate actions to protect the members by best means available, which would include engaging lawyers or salvors.


Please find below our scope of P&I and H&M related work:

  • Cargo loss or damages: Bulk, containers and liquid;
  • Condition Inspections;
  • Pre-purchase Inspections;
  • Anchor loss / Anchor Salvage;
  • Investigations of Collisions;
  • Investigations of Allisions;
  • Hull damages;
  • Lifting equipment damages;
  • Machinery damages including but not limited to Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Boiler
  • Investigations of damages to fixed or floating objects;
  • Assist vessels with repairs;
  • Pollution related incidences;
  • Personnel injury investigations;
  • Expert Witness testimonies;
  • Cargo surveys.

Other surveys that we could conduct are:

  • Internal Audits;
  • Preparation for or assistance with USCG inspections.